• If you know nothing (or next to nothing) about Medicare, "Obamacare," or health insurance in general, step away from that computer keyboard and call Tempra Moseley at InsurancePlus3. She can do things for you that those confusing and self-serving national insurance websites can't. She'll analyze your particular situation. Actually listen and respond to your needs, questions and concerns. She'll give you all the information you need and help you make the right choices for you and your family members. Then, unlike those make-the-sale and-go-to-the-next-customer internet operations, she'll be there to resolve any problems with your coverage and give you the personal service you deserve.

    But if you think you know everything you need to about health insurance, or think you've made all the right choices... CALL TEMPRA ANYWAY! Take it from me, there's a 99% chance you'll learn things you didn't know, improve your coverage, and maybe even save some money. (She did all three for me and my wife!) Then, if it turns out your coverage is spot on, you'll have peace of mind knowing that one of middle Tennessee's most respected insurance experts has reviewed your choices and given them a thumbs up!) Choosing the right health insurance or Medicare coverage doesn't have to be an ordeal. Tempra literally makes it a pleasure!

    Jerry O'Connor
    Antioch, TN

  • Tempra you are amazing! Your spirit precedes you. The true woman of God delivering awesome well needed insurance. I was skeptical about market place insurance but I have used it twice and never had a problem. My co-pays were accurate and my list of Dr's are endless!

    You helped me find a plan that is economical and I am very appreciative for your love and patience with helping me get exactly what I need.

    Tungee Cox

  • Dear InsurancePlus3.Com, Tempra spends much time in the community to help everyone that doesn't know who to call or think they can. I met her when she was at Wal-Mart with Humana. I retired from there and was stopping in for a trip to the pharmacy. Remembering her as a customer who always stopped to speak to me with a hug and smile, I stopped to talk to her. I retired from my job because I was 83 and my children decided it was time. But, as a retiree, I didn't have health insurance, income, or life insurance. As a newer American, I didn't think there was any hope for me. Confused by my story, Tempra sorted it all out with a few phone calls after I gave her all of my paperwork that I did not understand. Because of her hard work, I have all three and am able to actually ENJOY retirement. She has been so kind to help me, my family, friends, and neighbors. Now, I even gifted life insurance for my grandchildren to my children. I am proud to be an American! Thank you.

    Serviallano M.

  • So much to be thankful for, but, can't tell it all! InsurancePlus3.Com passionately hosted a seminar for my daughter and her friends to explain the benefits of having insurance. I don't remember anything like this when I was a new driver. Because they heard it from you, they are all being responsible and are comfortable with the decision.

    For five years, you have taken the time to make sure that we have everything we need and that we know why we have it.

    Two weeks ago, I was involved in a "hit and run" on the way to work. Thank you for answering my text to you in the middle of the night. I could tell that I startled you out of sleep, but, you patiently helped me to get calm and focused by reminding me that everything would be ok. Maybe you should not give us your cell phone number. lol

    Without you as my family's agency, I know that we would not have had the proper coverage. No one ever took the time that you did. Soon, my younger children and their friends will be in your class, also. Just a few more years! We appreciate all that you do and for your honesty.

    The Luke Crew

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